Woman peeing in the shower

Gwyneth paltrow tells women: pee in the shower

We kind of walk like ducks in a line. Also you have to figure in drunk showering. I find her explanation of how the gluteals play a role in the function of the pelvic floor to be very logical, and know many women who have benefitted from her recommendations. A big part of the pleasure is the holding/desperation for me. You gotta wear diapers if you’re peeing yourself and for the love of god see a doctor there’s a chance they can fix you. Solace can be found in the possibility that some people, including those two friends of yours, are fibbing.

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Why are people into pee?

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Surrounded by dense forest. I also enjoy it when my partner urinates herself as i love seeing her clothing or panties get wet. We are on a mission to discover the most extraordinary and inspiring.

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