Wife shaved for hubby

What would you do if you come home and see that your wife has shaved all the hair off her head? - quora

I find it difficult to understand what your real problem is. He always liked to watch me use a life like vibrator, of which i obviously got rid of. I still believe something is seriously wrong, i see others accept their men that shave their pubes, no one accepts men that wear panties or want this cuckhold thing, need more esponses. After a few months together, i started to notice some unhealthy tendencies which leaned towards cuckhold behaviour. So what i am saying is, why find it weird if your man wants another man, yet if a lady wants another lady its not weird. Pick a bottle, any bottle. Cross-dressers have a lot of difficulty coping with the shame – 25% will commit suicide.

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No problem here he is horny for you, very good fact. Every relationship after this will bring its own problems.