Vagina soreness and burning when peeing

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It only lasts a few hours but it’s still pain. It becomes severe and my periods. Is it because of his size? I have a small red ulcer like bump near my urethral opening,its very painful to touch,i thought it would go away in a few days but its over a week now and still its there,than that there is no other symptoms,just the painful sore and sometimes itching,please help me to understand what it is,im really worried. Infection or an allergic reaction.

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What i usually recommend for my patients who are real athletes who are having these issues with cycling and horseback riding is to use a silicone lubricant or some sort of body balm to help prevent that chafing in the first place. If you tend to get urinary tract infections after sexual intercourse, going to the bathroom right after intercourse or taking a single dose of an antibiotic may lessen your risk.

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