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Standardisation in protocols, data acquisition methods, and rating procedures and rules are paramount to control for other factors that may contribute to differences in rating decisions across clinicians or researchers. Consequently each outcome category has its own intercept, but all outcome categories share the same regression coefficient. Rather, an astute clinician should be watching for patterns and considering what the pattern of presentation suggests about the integrity of both the sensory and motor components of swallowing function. ] explored agreement for pas ratings between two different versions of the same videofluoroscopy recordings with different temporal resolutions. Furthermore, this approach has the advantage of reduced complexity for interpretation compared to the multinomial approach described above. For variables like the pas, with only a few possible discrete values and an often highly skewed distribution, differences in scores above or below a median may not be reflected in median differences.

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With deeper degrees of airway invasion, the bolus crosses the true vocal folds to the trachea and reaches a new afferent nerve territory, namely that of the recurrent laryngeal nerve. The outcome is expressed in the log-odds of a specific response category, with each.

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