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While masturbating every now and again can certainly help to take the edge off after a demanding day, sex therapists warn not to rely on it as your sole escape from stress, mainly because that can lead to addiction, which has been shown to cause symptoms of depression. In short, scientists found that meditating has virtually the same orgasmic effect on the mind and body as masturbation. Read the links i provided and you’ll understand why when you masturbate compulsivly you’re virtually unable to enjoy normal things in life. Now i’m a grown man, each morning instead seems to bring back pain, 20 unread emails before i’ve even managed to brush my teeth, and some guy who takes an inexplicable amount of time to withdraw cash from the atm. I just got home from work, had my dick out, and you ruined it.

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Now i don’t say sex is something bad. Heightened sense of humor.

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