Limbaugh beck assholes

Glenn beck says he is going blind  - nbc 7 san diego

Why is the gop cheerleading these old tax cuts that were in place for years before the economic downturn, these tax cuts which helped cause our deficits and national debt to soar while bush was in office. He suffered a fractured skull and was hospitalized. Name one bill that the repubs have come up with that helped the average american? u can’t. And we wonder why our kids are so rude and show no respect today, well take a good look around you, you’ve got pete wilson, beck and rush with their outrageous behavior. I remember harry reid calling bush a loser too. Obamey is an idiot. Any of the following may result in a permanent ban:

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The vain attempts i see in this thread of the weak kneed liberal nimrods is typical, the “democrap” mascot is a jackass. Skew the tax cuts to the middle class. If you believe this crap, this idiot you deserve what is coming your way.