Female liquid orgasm

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The 2014 french ultrasound studies of women climaxing need to be repeated, with a lot more females taking part. About whether or not it’s just pee to literal bans on the act. The membership site offers unrestricted downloads of ebooks, audio, video, blog updates, and a private members-only forum. I was extremely worried i was peeing, but the liquid didn’t look or smell anything like pee. After a rapid succession of strokes hitting that intense spot i felt a really strong, but unfamiliar sensation and had the desire to push from the pelvic floor. However, when urine leaks during sex, it’s often during foreplay or vigorous intercourse rather than at orgasm. You will also get 50% commission on all follow on sales for 90 days.

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Female ejaculate on the other hand is fairly consistent in taste, smell, color and consistency. The forum has a single post on technical support, which i couldn’t access. The special $97 deal.

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