Do indians have facial hair

Note that though this is later in diaz’s manuscript, he is actually recalling an earlier event. Melanin is a pigment that provides colour not just to our skin but also to our hair. As for actually answering your question: bernal diaz also records that when presented with the head of a spaniard “named arguello, a young man of amazing bodily strength, with a wild-looking countenance, a large head, and black curly beard,” motecuhzoma ii “was quite horror-struck at the sight of this enormous head with the thick curly beard. ‘s some quick links from pritzker. Also note that, this being diaz, you should take his descriptions of a reaction he did not witness and emotions he could know, with a large granule of salt. Santa cruz island was called island of the bearded men. You’ll see western men with bigger beards than i have and also learn what makes beards grow.

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Do indians have facial hair.