Dick in the face

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Now they wanted to know if i would be willing to skip out on the party for a few minutes and go do an impromptu photo shoot at terry’s home/studio on bowery, just a few blocks away. Just don’t tell jen [brill, his photo agent girlfriend at the time]. Why not!” boobs out, no big deal. And you can double that pleasure if you bring it up to him so you’re both working toward the same goal: trying to get more bang out of his thang. You just have to approach it with a sense of game and adventure. I wandered through the weird and lurid landscape of another planet, in a system that i called old debonia.

I felt a dick pressing into my face: terry richardson strikes again17 faces youll recognize if youve ever had a dick in your mouth

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We want you to delight in it, beg for it and take pleasure in it. It’s called penis worship and you, my friend, are clearly the heretic who does not embrace the rapture. She can never know about this.