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I personally don’t put any real emotional stock in popcorn flicks, or any movie for that matter, because i have more important things to occupy my mind. As much as fanboys want to praise this complex aspect, a great movie is great the first time you see it and does not require a second viewing. Its not that difficult, and guess what! it still sucks. Watch and learn, young jedis. The big shootout in the first film? too short! helm’s deep in the two towers? too short! 17-minutes, that sounds nice! but anyway, that’s my two cents – who knows, i might be whistling a different tune when i see it on thursday. I thought this was supposed to be the best thing since the invention of the wide-mouth beer can. _the matrix_ was the story of the one.

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An exegetical commentary – haggai, zechariah, malachi

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Ive always know no matter how good it is the 2nd movie couldnt outdo the first one. The new yorker critic, adam gopnick, has an exhaustive and eloquent review, and he hits the nail square on the head. Not as good as the first, but i’ve seen worse sequels to very good films.

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