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Axial views are more useful for depicting most of the clitoris, and the sagittal and coronal planes are complementary. Right below the urethra lies the introitus, also called the vestibule or the opening to the vagina. If you need medical advice, please consult your health care professional. The clitoris has glans, a foreskin (also known as the hood), erectile tissue and a very small shaft — all the parts that a penis has. Internally, the uterine tubes have many folds, or plicae, which are most evident in the ampulla. The plane which in these studies least clearly displays the clitoris.

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In these cases, call up your obgyn so you can get the situation sorted and return to your natural aroma. A project led by the artist sophia wallace, explores the history of the clitoris, the myths around it, and an introduction to the artists who have challenged misconceptions of the past. What does it smell like? no, seriously, you should know what scents are coming from between your legs.

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