Cease fire in gaza strip

Rockets from gaza and israeli response break cease-fire - the new york times

Any abuse of force that caused deaths of civilians is unacceptable. Section features not just science but also nature and technology. Three of hamas’s top military commanders were killed last week and the fate of its military chief , is still unknown after his wife and two children were killed in a massive air strike last tuesday. Palestinian authority foreign minister riad malki on tuesday met with the chief prosecutor of the international criminal court to explore the possibility of seeking an investigation of israel on suspicion of war crimes in the latest gaza strip violence.

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Israelis and palestinians agree to lengthen cease-fire

Still, as fighting in the gaza strip gave way to a truce on tuesday, israel and hamas both were quick to claim victory. The presence of journalists in the field is critical to understanding what is happening on the israel-gaza border.

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