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Nature’s variety cat foods is crafted from chicken, duck, rabbit and tuna in three ways: kibble, cans and instinct raw. That also means you will be buying 3 cans of this particular food every day or 21 cans per week or 90 cans in one month. Safcol welcomes more truth in labelling as highlighted by choice as there are many cases where a product is called something but the ingredients in the can have nothing to do with the product description. Whiskas chicken and beef loaf; coles casserole with chicken and turkey; woolworths select chicken and beef casserole; advance delicate tuna; and coles loaf with beef and liver all fell outside an “ideal” ratio for calcium to phosphorous. She is sure to love the gourmet flavor combinations, and you can rest easy knowing she’s getting 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult cats.

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Best wet cat food (review & guide) 2018One in four cat foods fails to meet choice standardsBest mature cats brands of food fancy feast.

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In relation to products more broadly, it is important that any supplier can justify the claims they make about the quality or characteristics of their products. Fancy feast is an established, trusted cat food brand, on the market for 30 years without a single recall. Labels need to be understood by owners.