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You could likely make this without the dipping sauce. Email address is required for account creation. Plus, all of your private notes can now be found directly on the recipe page under the directions. Is there a substitute you would recommend with similar nutrition values, should i just double the onion, or should i just leave them out altogether? otherwise this sounds amazing. I will place this recipe in my f. Serve or wrap in foil to go. So, not even thinking about it, i left town earlier this week for work.

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My 3, 4 and 5 year olds loved loved these! they were so happy! it took my husband back to our last pf chang visit 8 years ago in mexico! but this was so healthy/yummy/guilt free! thank you! I love how in most places ,the chicken lettace wraps seem to be ground chicken. Bibb or butter lettuce are my picks for these wraps.

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