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In the bow the partner being penetrated is on the bottom, lying on their side, and the person penetrating is straddling their bottom thigh between the legs. I explored on myself, and talked to all my women friends about this spot. This area is located beyond the g-spot near the cervix. Something to note about the discomfort that could potentially occur is that it will be quite unlike that which is experienced with g-spot stimulation. In the picture above. The g-spot was first discovered by a german gynecologist and sex researcher named ernst grafenburg way back in 1944. An upward curving penis works well; however, there are certain positions that facilitate stimulating this area better than others.

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Women who became sexually aroused and experienced orgasms from a-spot stimulation showed no anatomical changes to their clitorises at all. Chua was examining my a-spot i felt very little sensation of wetness and arousal. Now, why does it give women intense orgasm? well because this is the spot where vaginal nerves connect and the experts stated that this zone redirects female ejaculatory fluid (the vagina lubricant).