Hike San Simeon Point to Arroyo Laguna Beach; closest hike to Hearst Castle San Simeon California, very pretty country, my favorite hike.

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Map of Coast/Beach property recentally aquired by State of California; click for a larger view of this state of California Coast map showing new state properties from Point Piedras to Arroyo Laguna Beach

Photograph of San Simeon Point to Arroyo Laguna Beach Pacific Ocean Bluff Hiking Trail a trail for hiking near Hearst Castle San Simeon California. Click to view a larger photograph of this hiking trail off Pacific Coast Highway 1 on the California Coast.

One of the most interesting coastal bluffs in the Hearst Castle San Simeon area is San Simeon Point to Arroyo Laguna Beach famous kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing & sailing beach. (Arroyo Laguna Beach Access). There is a large variety of landscapes, geological features and historically significant areas along this hike; eucalyptus and Monterey Pine forests, coastal bluffs with beautiful sweeping ocean views, rough rocky beach areas with tide pools, sand dunes, long stretches of pristine white sandy beach and the abandoned site of the whaling village that was once San Simeon. Plenty of free parking is available at W. R. Hearst State Beach Day Use Area; hike west on the beach and look for the easiest path up the cliff past Hearst's Spanish styled warehouses on the Bluff and follow the seldom used road out to the end of San Simeon Point then follow the trail which skirts the coast; turn back if any time you want or hike all the way past the small secluded beach that was the Hearst's favorite to the popular wind and kite surfing beach, Arroyo Laguna Beach or further if you choose. You could also reverse this hike and park in the dirt parking lot at Arroyo Laguna and hike back to San Simeon State Beach, either way you go you could end up having to wade the Arroyo Laguna Creek if it is close to the rainy season, usually you can find a dry strip down by the beach to cross. This beach area was for many years Hearst Ranch Property but is now under the jurisdiction of the California State Park System. Hearst nor the State of California have done much in the way of development so the area remains without facilities.
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Picture of the ancient trail through the forest on San Simeon Point, click for a larger file of this forest picture from the San Simeon Point/Arroyo Laguna hike.


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Click for Arroyo Laguna Beach aerial photos and other high resolution California coastline photographs taken from helicopter by the California Coastal Records Project. Aerial Photos of hiking trails in this area, San Simeon Point to Arroyo Laguna from the California Coastal Records Project

Hiking Trail Trailhead Location Latitude / Longitude: N35 38.57 W121 13.06

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