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William Randolph Hearst's, Hearst Castle taken from Pacific Coast Highway 1 near San Simeon. Click to enlarge.
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Surf Pismo Beach find that big perfect wave, great waves at the popular local surf spots of the Central California Pacific Coast at Pismo Beach.

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The Best Hearst Castle San Simeon Area Beaches; Barbecue, Picnic, Play or just Stroll next to the Beautiful Pacific Ocean...

One of the best assets of this area is its beaches, To have a really great Hearst Castle Country vacation you will want get out of your car and mingle with the great outdoors; here on this web page are all the close by beaches south of the Hearst Castle Visitors Center and a wealth of information about them to help you enjoy of the California Coast and Hearst Castle Country.

GO TO: Pico Creek Beach
GO TO: San Simeon Creek State Beach
GO TO: Leffingwell Landing
GO TO: Moonstone Beach Ocean View Boardwalk
GO TO: Shamel Community Park Beach (Santa Rosa Creek Beach)
GO TO: Fiscalini Ranch Preserve Bluff-top Boardwalk
GO TO: Harmony Headlands State Park Beach
GO TO: Estero Bluffs State Park Beach
GO TO: Cayucos Beach
GO TO: Morro Strand Beach
GO TO: Beach at Morro Rock
GO TO: Sandspit Beach and Sand Dunes
GO TO: Hazard Canyon Beach
GO TO: Montaña De Oro
GO TO: Avila Beach
GO TO: Pismo Beach
Beaches North of Hearst Castle: Ragged Point Inn Private Beach
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The Best Beaches just south of Hearst Castle, romantic sunset strolls, family ocean-side fun and more ...

A hot windsurf ride logo to highlight the best beaches near Hearst Castle to visit in SLO County information section. Pico Creek Beach, Top Surfing Beach at San Simeon Acres near Hearst Castle
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Photograph of the view from a motel room balcony at the Best Western Cavalier Oceanfront Resort; click for the whole picture from this bargain priced Pacific Ocean view motel room near Hearst Castle San Simeon.
The view of Pico Creek Beach from a balcony of room at the Best Western Calalier Oceanfront Resort

A beach fire pit at the Cavalier Oceanfront Resort where they light wood fires each night for people to warm by and visit at; click to enlarge this photo of friendly fireside campfire at the beach.
When you leave the Hearst State Monument Visitors Center and head south on the Pacific Coast Highway it’s just three miles to Pico Creek Beach, a grey gravel rocky beach which is one of the few notable surf spots in the area. Pico Creek Beach is located at San Simeon Acres or as I like to call it “motel row”, the nearest motels and hotels to Hearst Castle are located here on PCH frontage roads for about a half a mile on each side of the highway mixed with a liquor store, souvenir shops and a few restaurants and lounges. To get to the beach just take a right at the first frontage road and go straight and it dead-ends in a cul-de-sac where there is some wooden stairs leading down to the beach. If you really want to enjoy this beach the best thing to do is get a room at the Best Western Cavalier Oceanfront Resort, they have rooms overlooking the beach and campfires to keep warm by after sunset; they are the only establishment there that has beach frontage property (more details about Pico Creek Beach below). A couple more miles down PCH 1 will take you to San Simeon Creek Beach which is associated with San Simeon State Park which on the other side of the Highway which is where most of the day use facilities are located. The only thing on the ocean side of the park is the beach, a red-rock parking lot and a few picnic tables. The day use facilities at the park are quite nice and they have campgrounds if you want to stay. (more San Simeon State Park Information below)

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Pico Creek Beach:
gray gravel beach broken up by rocks and rocky points, surfing is good sometimes, kite-surfing is good at others
Facilities: paved cul-de-sac parking, wooden stair access; Cavalier Resort Property has ocean-side bluff-top trails with viewing benches and patio chairs by wood burning fire pits for warm friendly oceanfront visits in the evenings (more details covered above)

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N35°36.85 W121°08.85
9415 Hearst Drive, San
Simeon, California 93452
Distance to Cambria 4 Mi.

Cavalier Resort Page
Cavalier Resort Website
CCRP Ariel Photos

San Simeon Creek Beach and Day Use
Picnic Area at San Simeon State Park (805) 927-2020:

smooth gray gravel beach mixed with rocks and rocky points and seasonal almost year around creek; part of the 2309 acre San Simeon State Park, one of the oldest parks in the California State Parks System
Facilities: ocean side has off-highway red-rock parking and picnic tables; east of highway day-use picnic area has paved parking, restrooms, running potable water, picnic tables, standing barbecue grills; (sheltered from ocean winds) wheelchair accessible nature trail, self guided tour with interpretive signs (park also has two nice campgrounds)

N35°35.61 W121°07.50
San Simeon Creek Road at
Cabrillo Hwy 1, Cambria CA
Distance to Cambria 2 Mi.

Picnic/Hiking Page
Washburn Nature Trail Page
San Simeon Creek Camping
Official Website
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Leffingwell Creek Beach:
smooth gravel beach with a small seasonal creek, semi-sheltered cove rocky point with nice tidepools, Leffingwell Landing State Park has beautiful scenic views and lots of day use picnic facilities, at the north end of Moonstone Beach Drive, San Simeon Pines Motel is just across the street
Facilities: plenty of paved parking; access the beach via dirt paths or there is a concrete ramp for vehicles to unload small watercraft for launch; NOTE: all of Cambria’s ocean shoreline is included a marine sanctuary and fishing is not allowed; the state park on the bluff has restrooms, running potable water, scenic ocean view picnic tables, barbecue grill stands, short hiking trails


N35°34.93 W121°07.16
7200 Moonstone Beach Dr
Cambria, CA 93428
at the northern end of Cambria

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Just a few miles down the road from the Hearst Castle Historical Monument Visitors Center is the quaint village of Cambria which has many options for beach going, probably the most popular is boardwalk on the bluff above Moonstone Beach pictured below...Photo of the beautiful Moonstone Beach in Cambria California featuring a scenic bluff top boardwalk; click for a larger of the best beach in Cambria, Moonstone Beach.
Beautiful Moonstone Beach in Cambria California featuring a scenic bluff top boardwalk
Moonstone Beach Boardwalk:
One of the most popular beach enjoyment facilities is Cambria’s Moonstone Beach Boardwalk, many tidepools at low tide; there are a couple of primitive paths that can get you down onto the smooth gravel/rocky beach but most folks choose to just stroll next to the sea on the boardwalk maybe stopping for a while at one of the viewpoints. The pedestrian boardwalk runs for almost a mile of oceanfront from Leffingwell Creek to Santa Rosa Creek adjacent to the many motels that now line Moonstone Beach Drive, there is also a good restaurant on Moonstone Drive, the Sea Chest Oyster Bar and Seafood Restaurant.
Facilities: nearly a mile long pedestrian boardwalk that runs on the oceanfront bluff adjacent to the Moonstone Beach Drive and across from many motels and a couple of restaurants; parking is in red-rock pullouts next the road

N35°34.72 W121°07.01
6620 Moonstone Beach Dr
D Cambria, CA 93428

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Shamel Community Park Beach:
large expanse of smooth gravel beach with mouth of Santa Rosa Creek at the north (Cambria's sole surf spot) plus the small Moonstone Beach State (restrooms and couple of benches and parking spaces on the point) and rocky coastline good for tide-pools to the south
Facilities: (805)781-5930 or (805)927-4447-- the view of the ocean and beach is obscured by fence and foliage from most of the park which is a six acre San Luis Obispo County park with a large grass playing field, scores of picnic tables, large pit barbeques, and small barbecue grill stands, horseshoe pits, a community swimming pool, and a children's play area with kids playground equipment

N35°33.96 W121°06.46
5455 Windsor Boulevard
Cambria, CA 93428

Picnic/Hiking Page
SLO County Parks Site
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Fiscalini Ranch Preserve Marine Terrace Trails:
This listing is really more about leisurely hiking in an unspoiled natural marine terrace environment and enjoying breathtaking unobstructed ocean/coastal views than playing on the beach. The beach is awfully rough and extremely rocky, access is limited the beach usually lies at the bottom of a 20 to 60 foot sheer cliff. It can be interesting at low tide but much is underwater or unreachable during high tides. The 400 acre Fiscalini Ranch Preserve has wonderful wheelchair accessible trails which are a mix of boardwalks, compacted decomposed granite and artistically crafted ocean view benches. The preserve can be accessed from several locations, the easiest is found at the very end of Park Hill’s Windsor Boulevard.
Facilities: 430 acres off street parking, trails, artistic benches

N35°33.24 W121°06.20
4600 Windsor Boulevard
Cambria, CA 93428

Picnic/Hiking Page
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Outdoor Sports

Harmony Headlands California State Park:
a hidden gem; beaches are mostly rough and rocky broken up with smooth gravel areas, the fun is in getting there with a 1 ½ mile hike before you come to a marine terrace trail similar environment to the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve only no improvements
Facilities: 784 acres, off highway 1 parking, chemical toilet next to old ranch house, miles of road wide easy hiking dirt trails

N35°28.79 W121°01.72
PCH-1/Sea WestRd
2.6 miles south of Harmony,
North of Cayucos 6 Mi.

Official Website
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Estero Bluffs State Park, Villa Creek Beach:
Estero Bluffs has a variety of beach types ranging from the fine white sand at the mouth of Villa Creek to grey smooth gravel, most are extremely rocky with excellent tide-pools and below small coastal bluffs, there is a large marine terrace and 355 acres of beaches, creeks, coastal brush/grasslands and beautiful undeveloped land to explore and play on
Facilities: redrock off highway parking areas (don't block any gates)

N35°27.85 W120°58.21
N35°27.04 W120°56.50:
North of Cayucos 2+ Mi.

www.SLOStateParks Page
Official Website
CCRP Ariel Photos

Cayucos, classic California small surf town:
like something out of the 60’s the small town of Cayucos still has that California surfing feel and spirit that was once the rage of the whole California Coast; it is the beginning beautiful fine white sand beaches that run for miles; it seems to get a little more sun than most nearby coastal areas too; main beach is downtown with the pier but there is also a day-use picnic area with paved parking and restrooms at the south end of town Studio Drive/24th Street
Facilities: paved parking, picnic tables, play equipment like swings, restrooms, outside showers, fishing pier, water sports rentals, seasonal lifeguards

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N35°26.96 W120°54.37
N35°26.11 W120°53.29
PCH 1 at Cayucos Dr.
South of Hearst Visitors Center 27 Miles

Official State Park Website
CCRP Ariel Photo North
CCRP Ariel Photo South

STILL MORE Great Beach Locations...more nice beach listings in San Luis Obispo county south of Cayucos

Links Relevant to Hearst Castle Area Beaches:

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